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Tallinn holds strong positions in FDI rankings, 28.05.2014

Prison Terms in Iran Hint of New Reins on Internet, 27.05.2014

Privacy under attack: the NSA files revealed new threats to democracy, 27.05.2014

‘A right to be forgotten’ ruling will cost Europe, 27.05.2014

EDITORIAL: Saving the Internet from killer taxes, 26.05.2014

‘Right to be forgotten’ creates data dilemma, 26.05.2014

TELFORD: A stubborn devotion to Internet regulation. Federal rulemakers can never dictate ‘net neutrality’, 23.05.2014

Why 76 lawmakers just voted against their own bill to reform the NSA, 22.05.2014

Differing definitions of net neutrality spells big trouble, 22.05.2014

Iranians arrested for 'Happy' video freed: social media, 21.05.2014

The Campaign To Save The Internet. Will it remain Free and Open with Equal Access to All? 19.05.2014

China says Internet security necessary to counter 'hostile forces', 18.05.2014

Resisting cyber attacks in a virtual battlefield, 21.05.2014  

China says Internet security necessary to counter 'hostile forces', 18.05.2014

Iran Takes Aim at Google, Wikipedia in Latest Internet Censorship Effort, 16.05.2014

Russian Regulator Slams Social Networks, 16.05.2014

Russian PM criticizes official for threats to block Twitter, 16.05.2014

It's not just Cambodia, Vietnam - Southeast Asia struggles with Internet freedom, 15.05.2014

It’s Not Complicated: To Maintain a Truly Free and Open Internet, Maintain True Net Neutrality, 14.05.2014

Russian Authorities Are Planning To Place New Restrictions On Internet Freedom, 13.05.2014

China detains man over ‘false’ stories of abuse, 13.05.2014

Neutrality Nuts Won't Be Happy Until Government Controls the Internet, 13.05.2014

Internet Freedom's Expiration Date, 13.05.2014

If We Act Now, We Can Stop The FCC’s Horrific Proposal to End Net Neutrality, 11.05.2014

e-Mongolia, 11.05.2014

Russia can take inspiration from these three countries to build a cyber firewall, 09.05.2014

Why The Global Battle For Control Of The Internet Can't Be Won, 09.05.2014

Net Neutrality: What's The Real Threat?, 09.05.2014

Net Neutrality Lessons from Latin America, 09.05.2014

FCC: Over 100,000 People and Companies Are Demanding Net Neutrality, 08.05.2014

Australian Pirate Party To Fight Anti-Piracy Site Blocking Plan, 08.05.2014

De-Escalation in Cyberspace: It is China's Turn to Act!, 07.05.2014

Brazil’s Statute of Virtual Liberty, 06.05.2014

Russia's 'Cheburashka' Internet? Probably Not, But Here Are Some Other Options, 09.05.2014

On the campaign trail with Kim Dotcom, 07.05.2014

Protests At FCC For Net Neutrality Begin Wednesday, May 7 at Noon, 06.05.2014

China viewers lose 'The Big Bang Theory', 06.05.2014

Save the Internet!, 05.05.2014

Mozilla launches 'The Web We Want'—an open letter video featuring kids seeking a safer World Wide Web, 05.05.2014

Only the Greens Will Fight to Stop European Democracy Being Undermined by Corporate Greed, 05.05.2014

Sollte man den privaten Laptop im Büro nutzen?, 02.05.2014

Highlights of State Department and USAID Efforts to Support Press and Media Freedom, 02.05.2014

Putin's Next Invasion? The Russian Web, 01.05.2014

Freedom House Warns Press Freedom 'Lowest In A Decade', 01.05.2014

US and Europe caught in spiral of hypocrisy over Snowden, 01.05.2014

Internet under fire from states seeking to control information, 01.05.2014

Estonian MFA: freedom of expression must be guaranteed in both the public and virtual sphere, 30.04.2014

Mongolia to chair Online Freedom Coalition, 30.04.2014

Georgian President Finishes his Visit to Estonia, 30.04.2014

Internet access 'a right' – Kerry, 29.04.2014

Curtailing Freedom Does Not Preserve Order, but Undermines It, Secretary-General Tells Conference on Internet Security Forum, 29.04.2014

Russian Parliament Approves New Law Restricting the Internet, 29.04.2014

President Margvelashvili visits Estonia, 29.04.2014

Tallinn, Estonia, 29 April 2014 - Secretary-General's video message to the fourth Annual Freedom Online Coalition Conference: Free and Secure Internet for All - 28-29 April 2014, 29.04.2014

Internet “Governance” Summit in Brazil Advances UN Control, 29.04.2014

Protection of freedom online is critical, says O’Dowd, 29.04.2014

A Guide To Human Rights Of Internet Users Launched Today In Estonia, 29.04.2014

In Tallinn, 23 states approved of recommendations in support of free Internet, 29.04.2014

Estonian President's impassioned plea for one free Internet, 29.04.14 

FM attending Freedom Online Coalition Ministerial Conference, 29.04.2014

Address by Minister Baird to Freedom Online Coalition Conference, 28.04.2014

Foreign Minister Urmas Paet: freedom of expression must be guaranteed in both the public and virtual sphere, 28.04.2014

Georgian president to visit Estonia, 28.04.2014

Международная конференция о свободе в интернете откроется в Таллине, 28.04.2014

Международная конференция о свободе в интернете откроется в Таллине, 28.04.2014

Таллин принимает международную конференцию по свободе и безопасности Интернета, 28.04.2014

В Таллине откроется международная конференция о свободе в интернете, 28.04.2014

Международная конференция о свободе в Интернете откроется в Таллине, 28.04.2014

The Future of Europe, 28.04.2014

Freedom Online Coalition conference in Estonia brings together more than 450 participants from over 60 countries, 28.04.2014

Remarks to the Freedom Online Coalition Conference, 28.04.2014

Secretary Kerry on Freedom and the Internet, 28.04.2014

Turkish Journalist Sentenced to Prison for Insulting Prime Minister in a Tweet, 28.04.2014

John Kerry: ‘Unmistakable pattern’ between internet freedom and security, 28.04.2014

China Won’t Tune Out All U.S. TV Shows, Executive Says, 28.04.2014

Government leaders call for more open and secure internet, 28.04.2014

China party mouthpiece says no Internet freedom without order, as U.S. TV shows pulled, 28.04.2014

Russia Tightens Grip on the Internet, 27.04.2014

Amy Adams visits Estonia, 26.04.2014

Minister to attend conference in Estonia, 25.04.2014

Land in der Cloud ohne Territorium?, 25.04.2014

Estonia welcomes Japan joining the Freedom Online Coalition, 25.04.2014

Estonia, the Freedom Online Coalition and the future of internet governance, 25.04.2014

U.S. Government Delegation To the Freedom Online Coalition Conference in Tallinn, Estonia, 25.04.2014

Secretary Kerry To Deliver Remarks to the Freedom Online Coalition, 25.04.2014

Estonia welcomes Japan joining the Freedom Online Coalition, 25.04.2014

Estonian Company Wins European Defense Agency Procurement, 25.04.2014

Battle Over Internet Intensifies in Turkey, 25.04.2014

Putin: The Internet is a CIA ‘Project’, 25.04.2014

New Zealand communications minister to check NATO cyber security, 25.04.2014

Free Internet Setback? Net Neutrality Defenders Plan Pushback, 25.04.2014

The FCC is about to axe-murder net neutrality. Don't get mad – get even, 24.04.2014

Internet should be 'open to all', 24.04.2014

Freedom Online Coalition Conference 2014 – 28 and 29 April Tallinn, Estonia, 23.04.2014

Happy Anniversary to China’s [Censored] Internet, 23.04.2014

What Is Internet Governance?, 23.04.2014

Bill Clinton Is Concerned and You Should Be, Too, 23.04.2014

ACC calls for more privacy power, 23.04.2014

Brazil passes ‘internet constitution’ ahead of global conference on web future, 23.04.2014

Can Cambodia’s Media Reform?, 22.04.2014

U.S. Aims to Defuse Tension Over Control of Internet, 21.04.2014

A Timeline View Of The Twitter Turkey War And Is Twitter Giving Up, 21.04.2014

Google VP Vint Cerf to participate in the Estonian ICT Week 2014, 20.04.2014

The right to suppress, 19.04.2014

Why are Twitter and Facebook still blocked in Iran?, 19.04.2014

Bad News & Worse News for Russian Internet Users, 19.04.2014

Joint Letter from Civil Society Organizations to Foreign Ministers of Freedom Online Coalition Member States, 18.04.2014

Internet Freedom Crackdown: China Jails Blogger, Shuts Down Sites, 19.04.2014

Weibo’s US debut underwhelms, 18.04.2014

What Is Net Neutrality & Why Should I Care?, 17.04.2014

Jailing of Chinese ‘rumour monger’ casts shadow over Weibo, 17.04.2014

Mega's Kim Dotcom launches political party ahead of IPO, 16.04.2014

India to Challenge US Dominance on World Wide Web at Global Summit on Internet Governance, 16.04.2014

Kim Dotcom Warns of War Against Innovation, 16.04.2014

Megaupload's Dotcom, facing legal threat, launches political party, 16.04.2014

'Our Internet is under attack by governments,' warns Megaupload's Dotcom, 16.04.2014

The Charter of the Internet, 16.04.2014

Facebook’s great hope, India, crosses 100 million users, 15.04.2014

Turkey Wants to Tax Facebook and Twitter, 15.04.2014

Digital Privacy Act not so good for privacy, critics say, 14.04.2014

Privacy Protection: Is Major Reform on US Spy Programmes Impending?, 14.04.2014

Murphy, Johnson Resolution Condemns Turkish Government For Blocking Twitter, Stifling Free Speech, 14.04.2014

Stopping the internet: how the world is trying to censor the web, 12.04.2014

Congressman Upton: Internet freedom, openness needed, 11.04.2014

Opinion: Internet freedom in Myanmar: A curse or an opportunity?, 11.04.2014

Human Rights and Democracy Report 2013 Feedom of Expression, 10.04.2014

Commerce Official Defends Web-Oversight Plan, 10.04.2014

ICANN debate: Team Obama must reverse decision on Internet control, 09.04.2014

Obama and Cuban Twitter, 09.04.2014

Clinton urges tech leaders to invest in training, 09.04.2014

The emerging dark side of social networks, 08.04.2014

Estonia hosts ICT Week, 07.04.2014

It's Not the End of the Internet as We Know It -- Five Myths About the Recent U.S. Internet Announcement, 04.04.2014

What House lawmakers still don’t get about control of the Internet, 03.04.2014

Russian social network founder quits amid concern over internet freedom, 03.04.2014

Why would Obama risk Internet freedom? Time for Congress to step up, 03.04.2014

Global' Internet Governance Invites Censorship, 03.04.2014

Freedom House Endorses U.S. Plan to Alter Administration of Internet, 02.04.2014

Opponents Circle Web-Oversight Plan, 02.04.2014

Republicans Fear Obama Will Let Russia Seize Internet Power, 02.04.2014

Founder of Vkontakte leaves after dispute with Kremlin-linked owners, 02.04.2014

It's Not the End of the Internet as We Know It -- Five Myths About the Recent U.S. Internet Announcement, 02.04.2014

LIGNET: Erdogan's Assault on Internet Exposes Disdain for Democracy, 02.04.2014

What’s Ahead For The Party That Just Won Turkey’s Elections, 01.04.2014

Georgia editorial roundup, 01.04.2014

What’s Ahead For The Party That Just Won Turkey’s Elections, 01.04.2014

We’re naive about the Internet, and Edward Snowden showed us why, 31.03.2014

Bill Clinton Takes on Obama Over Internet Control, 31.03.2014

Hollywood’s Antipiracy Efforts Add New Voice, 30.03.2014

Why Do a Majority of Americans Oppose Fast-tracking the TPP?, 30.03.2014

Bill Clinton does freedom a favor, 30.03.2014

Open Internet: Clinton vs. Obama, 30.03.2014

Erdogan's name and face dominate as Turkey heads to the polls, 29.03.2014

Keep the Internet free, 28.03.2014

Russia's War on Internet Freedom Is Bad for Business and the Russian Economy, 27.03.2014

Twitter’s blocked. YouTube’s blocked. But Turkey’s political cartoons remain, 27.03.2014

U.S., European Union Issue Cyber Accord, 27.03.2014

Only 22 per cent Pakistanis support freedom on the internet, 27.03.2014

No to a United Nations for the Internet, 26.03.2014

Target Twitter: Turkey’s Government’s War on Social Medi, 26.03.2014

Syria conflict only a means to an end?, 26.03.2014

Government committed to deepening internet accessibility, 26.03.2014

“Click Rights” Campaign for Digital Rights in Middle East and North Africa, 26.03.2014

Twitter is still blocked in Turkey, and battle lines over internet freedom are being drawn, 25.03.2014

Michelle Obama tells Chinese students internet freedom's a universal right, 25.03.2014

Verizon gears up to fight FCC — again — on Internet control, 25.03.2014

Internet freedom threatened throughout the world, 25.03.2014

EU-US Summit (Brussels, 26 March 2014) and EU-US relations, 24.03.2014

Bill Clinton, The Washington Post, and The Heritage Foundation Agree on This, 24.03.2014

The Government's Move on the Internet Is the Right One, 23.03.2014

Estonia calling on Turkey to end Twitter block, 25.03.2014

Bill Clinton Opposes Internationalizing Internet Control, 23.03.2014

Bill Clinton Would Prefer U.S. Oversight of the Internet, 23.03.2014

MAIL TODAY COMMENT: Giving up control over cyberspace, 22.03.2014

Michelle Obama in China: internet freedom should be universal right, 22.03.2014

The White House is ‘deeply concerned’ about Turkey’s Twitter ban, 21.03.2014

Turkey's Twitter Ban Backfires as Millions Find Workarounds, 21.03.2014

Turkey: Pre-election Twitter shutdown brings internet freedom to a new low, 21.03.2014

Erdoğan's government blocks access to Twitter ahead of local vote, 20.03.2014

Silicon Valley Group Opposes Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Deal, 20.03.2014

Support strong for open internet, 20.03.2014

Google co-founder Page says US online spying threatens democracy, 20.03.2014

Support strong for open Internet in developing world, 20.03.2014

Developing Countries: We Want Internet Freedom!, 19.03.2014

Johnson Responds to Obama Administration's Decision to Cede Oversight of ICANN, 19.03.2014

Vietnam Sends Blogger to Prison for 15 Months, 19.03.2014

Shocker! The more people use the Internet, the less they like Web censorship, 19.03.2014

Support strong for open Internet in developing world except Pakistan, 19.03.2014

Obama Administration Denies 'Abandoning the Internet', 19.03.2014

Pew study points to support for internet freedom in emerging countries, 19.03.2014

Emerging and Developing Nations Want Freedom on the Internet, 19.03.2014

Majorities in developing countries want uncensored Web, 19.03.2014

Tallinn holds strong positions in the FDI rankings, 19.03.2014

America's Internet Surrender, 18.03.2014

US transfer of Internet control years in the making, fueled by foreign pressure, 18.03.2014

Who should run the Internet?, 18.03.2014

U.S. Plan for Web Faces Credibility Issue, 18.03.2014

When U.S. Steps Back, Will Russia and China Control the Internet?, 17.03.2014

U.S. and U.K. Marked ‘Enemies of the Internet, 17.03.2014

The U.S. Gives the Internet to the World, 17.03.2014

Republicans weigh in against Internet globalization, 17.03.2014

Putin's Brave New Russi, 17.03.2014

US to Give Up Control of Internet, 15.03.2014

It’s Time for a Magna Carta for the Web, 14.03.2014

U.S. to relinquish remaining control over the Internet, 14.03.2014

U.S. Plans to Give Up Oversight of Web Domain Manager, 14.03.2014

Tech CEOs Warn of Threats to Cloud, Big Data Economy, 14.03.2014

US Makes 'Enemies Of The Internet' List For First Time, 14.03.2014

U.S. joins ‘Enemies of the Internet’ list, 14.03.2014

Estonia heads the international Freedom Online Coalition (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Estonia), 13.03.2014

Mark Zuckerberg Calls The U.S. Government “A Threat” To Internet Freedom, 13.03.2014

World Wide Web creator Tim Berners-Lee calls for a digital bill of rights to ensure internet freedom, 13.03.2014

Free and Secure Internet – Can It Be Achieved?, 12.03.2014

SXSW Interactive, Net Neutrality, and the Future of Innovation, 09.03.2014 

Lib Dem spring conference - Clegg's speech and debate on internet surveillance: Politics live blog, 09.03.2014 

A Free Press Crusader on the Crimean Front, 08.03.2014 

Free speech under threat in Turkey, 07.03.2014 

America’s top spy department: You need better encryption, 06.03.2014 

PM Erdoğan threatens to ban Facebook, YouTube, 06.03.2014 

Deputy Minister of Mongolia Addresses Internet Freedom Special Session, 05.03.2014 

Foreign minister Urmas Paet at the UN Human Rights Council: the Ukraine crisis is a threat to international security and human rights, 04.03.2014 

Russia Goes for Gold in Internet Regulation, 03.03.2014 

Google executives say diversity, internet freedom are key to future of tech, 02.03.2014

Turkey's status naturalis in 2014, 02.03.2014 

Remember When We Toppled SOPA/PIPA in Just 24 Hours? How the People Can Still Win on Net Neutrality, 01.03.2014

In Venezuela, the Only Free Media Is Twitter, 01.03.2014 

Cadets share Turkish experience in seminar, 28.02.2014

Obama Nominates SOPA Lobbyist for TPP Trade Post, 27.02.2014

Where Did Press Freedom Suffer Most in 2013? Online, 26.02.2014

Business and marketing, not espionage threaten Internet freedom – expert, 26.02.2014

US in 'Open Internet' push after court order, 21.02.2014

On the Occasion of Estonia's National Day, 20.02.2014

US to write new net neutrality rules, 20.02.2014 

President Ilves at the Munich Security Conference 2014: “Rebooting Trust? Freedom vs Security in Cyberspace”, 31.01.2014

Turkey Internet activists warn the government ‘cannot stop us’, 27.01.2014, Deutsche Welle

Lessons from the World’s Most Tech-Savvy Government, 24.01.2014, The Atlantic

Fadi Chehadé: If We Fragment The Internet, ‘It Will Not Be The Internet As We Know It’, 24.01.2014, Huffington Post

Independent commission to investigate future of internet after NSA revelations, 22.01.2014, The Guardian

CIGI and Chatham House launch Global Commission on Internet Governance, chaired by Sweden’s Carl Bildt, 22.01.2014

Countries that Expand Internet Access and Use Can Spur Digital-Economy Growth, 20.01.2014, Boston Consulting Group

Russia tightens Internet control ahead of Winter Olympic Games, 16.01.2014, Deutsche Welle

The Continuing Struggle for Control of Cyberspace – And the Deterioration of Western Influence, 13.01.2014, Lawfare

Tallinn to host grand web freedom event, 10.01.2014, Postimees

Internet Governance Outlook 2014: Good News, Bad News, No News?, 31.12.2013, CircleID

High-Level Panel on Global Internet Cooperation and Governance Mechanisms Convenes in London, 13.12.2013

The United States and Estonia: Partners in Cyber Security and Internet Freedom, 03.12.2013, TMC News

“High-Level Panel Organizes to Address Future of Internet Governance”, 17.11.2013, ICANN

“Freedom on the Net 2013”, Freedom House