Drafting of the Recommendations for Freedom Online has already started


At the end of April, Estonia will be hosting the high-level Freedom Online Coalition Conference Free and Secure Internet for All in Tallinn.

Ministers from multiple regions of the world, global corporations and NGOs will be attending the Conference, making the total number of participants over 250. President of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves, Google Chief Evangelist and “father of the Internet” Vinton Cerf, Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjorn Jagland, President of the Internet Society Kathryn Brown, blogger Rebecca MacKinnon and foreign ministers of Kenya, the Netherlands, Mongolia and Sweden are among others who will be sharing their views on the advancement of free and secure internet. As a result, members of the Freedom Online Coalition will be adopting the Recommendations, which help to assure the future continuance of online freedoms as inherit principles of internet governance.

The drafting of the Recommendations has already started: a working group led by the Estonian e-Governance Academy and composed of representatives from NGOs as well as international companies, is working towards developing the document. Yahoo!, Google and Freedom House are some of the working group’s members, who previously met on the 26th of February in Geneva. The drafting process continues in March after which the document will be processed at the Conference in Tallinn, where it is proposed to be adopted by the Freedom Online Coalition member states.

The negotiation process of the Recommendations has already addressed such issues as promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms online; the future of multistakeholder model of free and secure internet governance; and support for activists, who are being persecuted because of their views published online. Using different ICT solutions in order to boost the transparency of governance and developing preventive measures to interfere with blocking, filtering and hacking of content found online are also among key topics of the soon to be adopted Recommendations. The negotiations will continue in March and April.

Freedom Online Coalition Conference, organized by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its partners, is part of the Estonian ICT Week. Held between April 23-30, Estonian ICT Week is gradually developing into the annual highlight of Baltic and Nordic ICT sectors. The venue hosts opinion leaders, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, civil servants and representatives of international organizations. Additional information about the ICT Week can be found at http://estonia.eu/ictweek/.

March 7, 2014
FOC Conference Team