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Tunis 2013
3rd Online Freedom Conference, Tunis, June 17 – 18, 2013

As a new member of the Freedom Online Coalition, since the 2nd FOC conference in Nairobi, Tunisia volunteered to host the 3rd conference in Tunis on June 17 and 18, 2013. Being the first Arab country in the FOC, this has been a great opportunity to show the country’s newly won freedom, which set the Arab spring in motion. In this spirit, the Tunis conference was named “Joint Action for Free Expression on the Internet”, to cement the coalition’s united approach towards Internet freedom. The conference focused on the themes “Towards an Internet that is free and secure”, “Digital development and openness”, and “Supporting privacy and transparency online”. It attracted over 500 participants and provided a multi-stakeholder platform to discuss issues of Internet freedom with a particular regional focus on the Middle East and North Africa.

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Nairobi 2012
2nd Online Freedom Conference, Nairobi, September 6 – 7, 2012

This conference was important to Kenya and the coalition members as it provided an excellent platform to further the agenda of the coalition. Many African nations were either just starting to develop interest in policy making for ICT and Internet governance, and putting in place standards of freedom of expression online, or were yet to get involved. The conference gave Kenya the opportunity to offer leadership in Africa on related policy debates.

This was with a view to getting more African populace to leverage the economic and social benefit of the Internet without inhibitions. This was especially important as Kenya and Ghana were, until the conference, the only African members of the Freedom Online coalition. During the conference, Tunisia joined the Coalition, becoming its third African member, and bringing the total number of countries in the Coalition to 18.

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The Hague 2011
1st Online Freedom Conference, The Hague, December 8 – 9 , 2011

Promoting Internet freedom is an important objective. Considering the lack of coordination between countries working on this agenda globally, the Netherlands organized a two-day conference about the subject in The Hague. The goal of the event – named the Freedom Online conference – was to discuss with a wide variety of stakeholders the role of governments in advocating Internet freedom, and to have governments commit to work together on this theme in the future. Twenty-two countries, four international organizations, nine companies and seventeen NGO's from around the world participated in the inaugural event in Dec 2011 in Hague.

The Hague, 9th December 2011: Freedom Online Declaration - Joint Action for Free Expression on the Internet.

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