How to Become a Member


The Coalition is constantly expanding to promote Internet freedom around the globe. At the Nairobi Conference in 2012 the coalition members agreed on a procedure to accept new members in order to ensure a growing voice for Internet freedom.

Countries wishing to join the coalition apply to the chair country and the founder. The chair and the founder then assess the credibility of the applicant based on the domestic record of respecting human rights online (with the help of the Freedom on the Net report, the Enemies of the Internet index and the GISWatch reports), the voting record of the applicant country on Internet freedom issues and the degree to which the country takes a proactive role on furthering Internet freedom. The global and regional balance is also of importance for ensuring the global nature of the FOC. If the chair and the founder recommend admitting the applicant to the coalition and no member country disagrees, the FOC has a new member.